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Hi, welcome to my portfolio!

I'm an interaction designer and design developer.

My passion lies in the intersection of design, technology, and people. I have over 14 years of technology experience, including UX design and web development.

Featured work

Library Website

Modernization of Library Ecosystem


In-Vehicle-Infotainment & Future Concepts

Dell Redesign

Other work

Intel Internet of Things

Experience Internet of Things


Asynchronous Video Discussion Tool

Evolve Outlet

Electrical Outlet Redesign

EdLab Website

EdLab Website Redesign


Samples From Other Projects

A little about me

My story

Ever since my first computer-lab class in school, I have wanted to work in the field of computers and technology. I studied Computer Science for my undergraduate degree and started my career as a Software Engineer. A few years into life as a developer, I got the opportunity to work with user experience professionals. I was so excited and interested in what they did that I decided to go back to school. I spent two fantastic years at the University of Michigan learning more about design, user experience, and the fundamentals of human behavior. I have since worked at a UX design agency and in-house UX teams.

Things I like doing

UX & UI design
Product design
Web design & development
Mobile & responsive design
Solving problems
Leading design teams
Managing products

Want more details on my experience, education, and skills?

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Some LinkedIn recommendations

"Sab is a seasoned engineer but he is foremost an experience designer. His work is always thoughtful, precise, and well-informed no matter the medium or device. I am constantly in awe of his ability to translate a list of requirements into a satisfyingly thorough and cohesive user flow. His deliberate design choices mean that for every 'why' I have, he has a 'because' to match! I feel listened to when I work with Sab; he genuinely cares about the user feedback I share with him and does what he can to make their experiences more enjoyable.
As a coworker, he is inspiring and encouraging, often proposing ideas or supporting others when they shoot for the moon. Sab is the most versatile UX designer I know, and I’m lucky I get to collaborate with him on the daily."

-Joann Agnitti, Product Manager at EdLab, Teachers College Columbia University (January 2018)

"I very much enjoyed working with Sabarish because of his helpful guidance and always friendly attitude. He was the lead designer while we were working on redesigning Edlab's website. He always expressed himself clearly and eloquently about what he needed from me as his main visual designer. He would always suggest interesting visual solutions and reference important work. I always felt comfortable expressing my ideas to him and he would always suggest positive and constructive changes to make the work stronger. I would be happy to work with him again as I imagine anyone would."

-Isabella Cruz-Chong, Visual Designer, EdLab (April 2017)

"Sabarish Raghupathy is a talented, energetic, creative thinker. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him for the past two years at the EdLab and the Gottesman Libraries...Sabarish has earned the respect of his colleagues on the Software Development team and across the board at the EdLab, through his hard work, his strong collaboration and leadership skills, and his willingness to always go the extra mile to help others around him..."

-Christopher Gu, Director, EdLab (Feb 2017)

"I worked with Sabarish on multiple software design projects at Empirical, where he played an integral role on the team and contributed salient design recommendations and other deliverables (wireframes, high fidelity prototypes, etc.) that always exceeded client expectations...Aside from being really good at what he does, Sabarish is the kind of person everyone wants to have as a coworker. He is genial, reliable, helpful, knowledgeable about technology, humble, inclusive, and always optimistic. I'm privileged to have worked with him and glad to call him a peer. I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't say the same."

-Amy Santee, UX Researcher, Empirical UX Design & Research (March 2015)

"Sabarish and I worked together on several projects at Empirical and I feel 100% confident saying that he is one of the mythical UX unicorns we hear so much about, but never seem to find. He's got an eye for design, the skills to program, and an educated perspective that brings it all together to create elegant and successful user experiences. Add to that his genuinely good nature and sense of humor and you have one awesome colleague! In a nutshell, Sabarish is a true asset to any organization."

-Emily Bowman, Senior UX Designer, Empirical UX Design & Research (June 2014)

"Sabarish was the UX intern for our group, Global Site Design. In that capacity, he was handed projects and assignments that seasoned UX architects feared and loathed. Sabarish handled all of it with good humor and with the professionalism of a seasoned veteran. He was easy to work with, always open to new ideas, and got the job done. What more could you ask for?"

-Mary Lan, UX Design Lead, Dell Global Site Design (September 2012)

Contact Me

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